The Art of Engagement: Delivering Impactful Experiences at Mike’s Hard Lemonade Events

Event Type: Corporate

Client: Havas Formula || Mikes Hard Lemonade

Scope Of Work: Fabrication, Production, Large Format Printing, Furniture, Stage Design, Audio Visual

We were thrilled to join forces with The Havas Formula team for a pair of exhilarating pop-up events for Mike’s Hard Lemonade in New York and Los Angeles. What started as a request for a bar rental soon blossomed into a full-fledged event production partnership.

Aiming to create an unforgettable experience, the Mike’s Hard Lemonade campaign relied on scientific research to pinpoint the elements that elicit the most happiness. Armed with this knowledge, our task was to bring their vision to life in a tangible, immersive way.

Effortlessly blending one captivating attraction with another, guests reveled in an enormous adult ball pit and enjoyed a never-ending stream of beverages via a conveyor belt. Our all-encompassing production included a diverse array of interactive features, such as Mini Cooper car karaoke, a stage reserved for stand-up comedians, and a comfortable lounge for unwinding. Moreover, we crafted a truly distinctive lemon-inspired photo infinity room, providing attendees with lasting memories.

Attracting over 1,000 guests, the event generated more than 2 million influencer impressions and a staggering 36 million media impressions. Collaborating with the Havas Formula team was an incredible experience, and we thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

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The Art of Engagement: Delivering Impactful Experiences at Mike’s Hard Lemonade Events