Letting Loose at a Frat Party Event: A Collaborative Success Story with M-Studio Events

Event Type: Private

Client: M-Studio Events - Event Planner & Collaborator

Scope Of Work: Fabrication, Large Format Printing, Furniture, Design Collaboration

Collaborating with M-Studio Events is always a pleasure, and our recent project with them was no exception. The theme of the event was a “frat party,” and we had the opportunity to let loose while providing furniture, branding, decor, and fabrication services to our client. In order to achieve the authentic frat party look, we had to think creatively and create elements that were fitting for the theme. From empty beer boxes to a makeshift bar made from items one might find in a college student’s trash, we made sure to include all the classic elements of a frat party, including a beer pong table.

One of our favorite features of the event was the custom book/swag store, where guests could pick up souvenirs of their wild night. We also built custom cafeteria-style food stations that fit the theme perfectly. Additionally, we had to think outside the box to acquire older furniture and electronics to bring the frat party theme to life.

Overall, this project was a great success, and we enjoyed the opportunity to work with M-Studio Events to create an unforgettable experience for our client and their guests. We are always excited to collaborate on unique and creative projects, and this one was no exception.

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