A Complete Guide to Pool Dance Floor Covers – Now Available For Rent

A Complete Guide to Pool Dance Floor Covers

A Complete Guide to Pool Dance Floor Covers

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Did you know that 10.4 million residential swimming pools exist in the United States alone? Considering swimming is the fifth most popular activity in America and the number-one activity among children and teens, this may not come as a surprise to you. 

If you’re one of the lucky homeowners who regularly gets to enjoy the wonders of swimming in your backyard, you know just how great having a personal swimming hole can be. But it does require plenty of real estate, which can get in the way of other activities, especially when hosting parties. 

Fortunately, pool dance floor covers provide a surprisingly affordable way to transform your pool into a usable space. What’s more, it makes for an exciting and eye-catching feature that people will be talking about for years to come. 

Keep reading as we take a closer look at how flooring for an event can transform your pool area. 

Pool Dance Floor Covers

There’s nothing that beats having a pool at your home. But when you find yourself wishing you had more square footage for BBQs, parties, birthdays, or maybe even a wedding, then you should consider a pool dance floor cover rental.

You’ll be amazed how one of these covers can transform your venue or backyard into the perfect event space. After all, pool cover dance floors are memorable and attractive. Not only will they help you gain more space for an upcoming event, but they come with countless uses.

When you go with a durable pool cover dance floor, you can rest assured it’s specially designed to support a variety of activities, including cocktail events, dinner parties, and dancing. But the activities don’t stop there. 

You can also use pool dance floor covers as:

  • Runways for fashion shows
  • Seating for ceremonies
  • Walkways or crossings
  • Staging for entertainment
  • Additional event space

As you can see, you’ll enjoy incredible versatility when you invest in a pool cover for dance floor rentals. They prove fantastic for corporate and private events, and they’re an affordable way to take advantage of limited space.

Make Your Space Party-Worthy

Pool cover dance floors have already been in use by businesses across the country. They represent one of the best ways to optimize space. And they up the coolness factor by making “walking on water” a thing. 

You’d be surprised by how many apartment complexes, casinos, and hotels already use them. And you’ll find many residential locations getting in on a piece of the action. 

Whether you’re preparing for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, private parties, or a wedding reception, consider event flooring rental options to liven up your space and liberate it for use. 

Types of Pool Covers

What are some types of pool covers to choose from? They include options such as:

  • Black utility surfaces
  • Frosted acrylic surfaces
  • Clear acrylic surfaces
  • Flush mount surfaces

Let’s take a closer look at each of these surface types. That way, you have a better handle on your options and which one’s right for you. 

Black Utility Surfaces

Black utility surfaces represent your most inexpensive option. This type of cover is comprised of standard staging panels featuring a black plywood top.

What can you use this type of cover for? It’s ideal for a band or even guest seating. What’s more, this type of pool cover works well as a foundation for the addition of dance floors, wood flooring, carpeting, or other surface types.

Frosted Acrylic Surfaces

Although black utility surfaces represent the most affordable option, the most popular one is the frosted acrylic surface pool cover.

Why? Because it provides a durable, beautiful surface that’s perfect for a lounge area or dance floor. What’s more, light emitted from the pool gives the surface a captivating glow. 

Clear Acrylic Surfaces

Another option worth exploring is a clear acrylic surface. These prove popular for black tie affairs and wedding receptions. They permit your guests to see into the pool, offering a breathtaking and unique surface. In other words, your guests will be able to dance over the water. 

Flush Mount Surfaces

As for commercial properties such as hotels and casinos, they typically rely on flush mount surfaces. Custom welded, these covers are specifically engineered to ensure no step up onto the surface. As a result, they provide a smooth transition from the cover surface to the pool deck. 

Additional Pool Dance Floor Cover Rental Options

What are some other options when it comes to an event flooring rental? Additional options worth exploring include lighted pool covers.

These offer extra dimension when it comes to the dance floor and come with an impressive appearance. In some cases, you can choose from decor lighting and water lighting. 

You may also wish to consider a cover with logo placement. While these prove most popular with companies, couples looking for a slick way to tie their wedding decor together might wish to consider a printed cover with their initials, etc. 

Pool cover dance floors in a checkerboard pattern work for individuals who can’t decide between frosted acrylic and black utility surfaces. The design incorporates both surface types with a clear acrylic finish.

Check out these fantastic options for more information. 

Flooring for an Event

As you can see, you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to transforming your backyard space into a party-worthy landscape, even when you have a pool. Dance floor rentals will not only free up more room for activities such as dancing and cocktail hours, but you can customize a cover for that extra WOW factor. 

Are you interested in finding out more about the possibilities when it comes to pool dance floor covers? We’ve got you covered. Start exploring your options today. 


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A Complete Guide to Pool Dance Floor Covers – Now Available For Rent

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